So I need an opinion.
This yarn is beautiful.

I made it into this.

I don't know....... I think I would prefer it longer if I were to wear it like this, but this is all of the yarn. So I'm considering pulling it out and making a shorter and wider scarf with a slot in it, like the windy city scarf in the Stitch 'n Bitch. I would still knit it lengthwise for sure, but maybe even do something besides the garter. It took no time at all to make so pulling it out and remaking is no biggy.
All ideas are welcome.
So I'm thinking this is a hint that my cat would like a new roomate. We lost Shezam over the summer and M seems lonely. Maybe a kitten. He could still be in charge but entertained at the same time.

Found another heart today.


Christine said...
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Lissy said...

I like what you made, but think that the snb scarf is cute, too. and it obviates the need to wrap it around your neck once. get more bang for your yarn.

Christine said...

That's basically what I said, too, only so poorly that I deleted it.

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