Japanese Craft Books

So I got these really cool books recently from Amazon Japan.
Not so much craft books as they are inpiration for the home books.
I first saw a peek of the Stockholm Kitchen book at Bird in the Hand, tried not to think I needed it and then I read Tania's entry about the book and then I could'nt get it off my mind.

So I took a chance and ordered the Petits Appartements a Paris one as well and I am soooo glad I did, its such good eye candy. The apartment's belong to creative women in Paris with the best shoes around, seriously the most sweet, beautiful shoes. Besides the eye candy factor they are inspiring in a realistic way, realistic and dreamy at the same time. I'm so not making sense am I. So there are more of these lovely little books that I have to have, theres a Paris kitchens book and one on womens artist studio's, plus I sucked a few friends in and I'll be ordering a few for them as well. Somebody in Tania's comments gave the link for the publisher that lists the books , it is Jeu de Paume. Seems like you can order from them by email but I got mine from Amazon Japan in about a week.

The books below I actually got a little while ago from Yes Asia who I find a little easier to order from than Amazon Japan. However they did not carry the above books.

Either tonight or tomorow I'll put these pictures and some more inside ones on Flickr with the ISBN's.

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