Change in the air.
Well it s been a good week, a little scary but good.
So I'm going to go out to Seattle next month and get a feel for it and hopefully talk to some fellow bookbinders and such.
Major purging plans for this weekend and I've decided to get some help with some of the hard stuff, I will tell all about it afterwards, excited and scared, Of What?
Anyways you'll have to put up with the vague finding myself mumbo jumbo for a bit cause I've been stuck in a muck for a long time and am so ready for all sorts of changes. Yippy.
So all these life changing ideas are running thru my mind and I read this post by Superherodesigns. Its so inspiring and makes you think about things. It made so much sense and just simplified things for me. I may not know exactly what my path of no resistance is exactly but I do know I have felt like I'm climbing up a hill I haven't really wanted to climb. I do know I still want to be a bookbinder.
Okay, on to knitting/failed pom pom making.
Yes, below is my first attempt at making a pom pom. Hmmmm, wrapping went well, but the cutting part is where it all went wrong, very wrong. I really don't feel the need to try this again for awhile.

So I told ya I was in love with Christine's Lara cardigan. So much so I started making her over the weekend. This picture does not do the color of this yarn justice, much richer green in real life. My gauge and the patterns gauge turned out to be too differint to follow any of the patterns sizes so I'm having to do some math as I go. Yikes, I know , it could be a recipe for disaster, wish me luck. Promise to find a yarn tag soon and tell you what the heck this yarn is.

The tiny, tiny balls of yarn below are leftover's from my knitting project for the SP7 knitter that I'm spoiling, hope to send a box out this weekend, I hope they likey.

I leave you with a cat toy that I, and not my cats, became mesmerized with. Its all sparkly. Okay I need help.

Ooh I just got a great picture of Una showing you guys some yarn that somehow arrived at my doorstep, okay I ordered it. Lara needs to be finished first but will show yarn, Una, and pattern tomarrow or so.
Night Night


bitterknitter said...

I love major purges! I can't get D to go along with it as often as I would like though. Good luck.

Your pom pom had interesting results, at least you tried and can always try again when the urge strikes. My non-knitter sis makes amazing pom poms. I'll have to have her teach me how.

wenders said...

I can make pom-poms - I even have a pom-pom maker. :) Maybe next time at SnB I can show you. Hope Seattle goes well - let me know if you need friendly contacts there. :)

Christine said...

Lara is pretty simple, mathematically, so I wouldn't really worry about adjusting it. The side shaping is all in the base of the arms and there's a little short row action around the neck, but other than the arm increases/decreases, that's it!

Lissy said...

I haven't even read your blog entry yet, but just have to say that I, too, am mezmerized by the sparkly thing. Gary calls me a magpie -- anything sparkly or shiny, I want it. Tee hee.

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