Howdy folks. So do you want to see some yarn and a cute kitten? Well I got not just one picture but two pictures. I'm telling you its your lucky day, that and I couldn't make up my mind which one to post.
So the kitten is Una, grey, growing like a weed and discovering all sorts of places to climb up to and get in trouble, and the yarn is white Karabella Aurora Bulky and I have to say a little softer than Una. Shhh don't tell. So at first the whiteness of the yarn suprised me, I expected it to be creamier, but I think its okay, just different for me. Its really , really soft and seemed perfect for Streakers Shrug from the latest Interweave Knits.


Jeanette said...

Your girl is just too cute for words!

Lissy said...

bwaaawwww. Una my love. She is so darned cute. I'm glad you're starting to love your yarn. That will make it a better project.

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