Oh my, it was a very long Monday indeed. Not necessarily bad just looong. I did stop at the post office to send a small sp7 package out and I am officially half way done with her handmade gift.
So I was talking to a friend about the flash on my camera being too bright and he suggested putting a sticky piece of a bandaid on the flash, hmmmm, think I will try that. If it works I can take a picture tonight of the newest edition to my Vesper family , Tartan. Oh my, Tartan is a vision of loveliness and will be well taken care of, hee hee. All of my recent yarn purchases, Vesper, I just keep out and drool over. Oh and below is the picture of the things I'm getting rid of, not very exciting I know but it felt really good to purge and plan on doing more. Now of course I just need to get to the place I donate too.

So I guess I did place an order with Amazon Japan because I recieved an email , however its seems I ordered only two out of three books that I wanted. Not a big deal really, think I'll just wait till I get the two I did order and then order the other. Should be easier now that I am registered.

It was a bit of a dreary wet weekend but sometimes weather like this makes all ther colors richer.

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Lissy said...

That tree looks like one of the talking trees in the Wizard of Oz, no?

I concur re: Vesper yarn. I got my smoke skeins and they are so yummylicious. Can't wait to show you them.

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