Self Portrait Tuesday
All of me.

I originally took this photo I think for personal history, showing you my earing, for some reason it didn't work for that, but for some reason I kept it.
So my point of interest here is the jaw and the jaw line.
On the outside I can see my jaw line softening a bit as I've gotten older.
On the inside the jaw feels hard, even hurts at time. This seems to be an area where I hold a lot of tension latley.
Feel like I don't have control over either, but somewhere deep inside I know both will stop bothering me eventually.
I just have to let go.

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Lissy said...

Did it hurt when you got that piercing? Looks like some sacrifice went towards that! I like the pic very much. And hey, count your blessings, you could have multiple chins, like me! Tee hee!

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