My Secret Pal Rocks!
Looky what I had waiting for me when I got home today.

Here's the scoop on the loot.
-Yarn; Two skeins of Knit Picks Sock Memories in Hawaii. I love this colorway and I have been wanting to try KP's sock yarn for awhile, yippie. Three skeins of Lorna's Laces Grace in Iris Garden. Its beautiful, soft, love the texture , and the colors are to die for.

-The yarn came in a heart felt bag.
-The book Alter Knits. Have been eyeing this for awhile now and its looks really good.
-A really cute pink pad of paper.
-A Forget-Me-Not grow kit. This is perfect. I have been wanting to try to grow something but wanting to start small, just like this kit.

-Last but certainly not least, Peeps Hearts. I love peeps, I had no idea they made them in hearts. The key to eating peeps, ya know, is to let them "air" for a bit, so the outside gets a little crispy. I mean it, if your going to eat peeps this is how you do it.
I just had to add this picture with me wearing my matching Puma jacket.

Thank you so much Secret Pal. I love every bit of this gift.


Lissy said...

Wow, your pal has terrific taste! What a wonderful gift. I'm using a similar boucle type of yarn right now and not really enjoying it because I'm knitting with it on size 17 needles. It's been a long time since I used needles that big and they feel awkward in my hands. I might abandon this project. We'll see.

wenders said...

I LOVE stale peeps AND pink! You totally made out from your SP!

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