Snowy Sunday
Yesterday was such a nice, lazy, cozy, snowy day. Stayed in most of the day, knit a lot, lazed around, talked to people on the phone, ate a cupcake, yeap a good day. Ventured out a bit to do laundry and food shopping, the photo below is the view from the laundramat.

It was fun to watch Una watching the snow, she wanted to chase it, didn't know where to look first.

I took this photo of Metro a little while ago, thought it went well with the Una's photo. Its like he's meditating.

I did not finish my Sp7 gift yesterday but I'm very close to finishing. Not going to happen tonight because the hands a rest. With the end of one project close at hand its time to pick out yarn for a new pair of socks. Wow , I feel so lucky right now, my sock stash is so yummy and colorfull, makes me happy just looking at it. I could just close my eyes and pick cause thier all good.


Lissy said...


-- Metro

Christine said...

Is that fluffy pink/purpel stuff sock yarn?

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