Okay so I broke a promise. A promise never to show a photo with toothpaste splatters on the mirror.
Even tried to crop the photo but there are too many splatters.
Anyways.... here is exactly 1/2 of Lara, tah dah.
I'm having issues with my ribbing, I'm an aweful ribber. Trying not to let it bug me too much because I can't change my ribbing yuckiness and maybe, just maybe it will look better after blocking.

I think I'll love this sweater dispite my ribbing issues, so far I like the fit.

So yesterday I took the day off from work and had a really nice relaxing day.
-In the morning I took Una, my kitten, to the vet to have her problem eye looked at again and the eye is soooo much better, yeah. So that was really good.
-Then I got some coffee, a pastry (I caved) , and knit at home.
-Then off to have lunch with my bookbinding teacher, who is from Seattle. Super nice person with super good ideas about bookbinding in Seattle.
-Then Harvard Square for some gift shopping, and sitting in Peet's with a cafe au lait, journal, new magazine, and sock knitting.
-Theeennnn Stitch and Bitch(shhh) night at , yeap, a coffee shop, only it was tea and knitting.
It was a really good day.


bitterknitter said...

The sweater is looking great! Your ribbing looks fine from here. Good to hear that Una's eye is getting better and that you had such a great, relaxing day off work.

Lissy said...

That sounds like such a lovely day. Glad you are taking good care of yourself. Lara looks neat. It's like magic how you knit it all in one piece.

Lissy said...

P.S. Glad Una is improving. Mmmmmmeow! Prrrrrrrrr.....

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