All The Goodies.
How fun is this;
Thursday after work I find a package waiting for me from my SP7, very cool. The dilemma was that I was in a hurry to feed the cats and such, then leave again to meet some knitten friends at a pub to ya know , stitch and drink. So I just took the unopened package with me to the bar and opened it there. Lots of oooh and ahhhs. Except for the yarn closeup Crisis of Praxis took all the lovely photos.
I swear I had yet to start on the vodka tonic with lime.

Hard to see but this is a cat tape measure and the tail is the pull part. Love it.

Yes I am wearing the clovers on my head and again I'll say I did not have a sip of vodka yet.

-The yarn is Tahki Shannon and Noro Kureyon, three balls of each. The colors are amazing, I have been totally spoiled.
-The book I'm displaying like a Price is Right girl is The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. I hadn't seen this book before, it has tons of useful information including how to make a pom pom. Maybe I'll try again.
-The needles are Daisy circulars, very cool. I have some Daisy's in straights and I like them a lot, had not seen the circulars before.
-Sticky notes in the letter "m". Already using them by the way.
Everything in this package totally rocks. You rock as well secret pal thank you , thank you. This has been so much fun to do.

So yesterday I went to a knitting brunch at a friends house and had a lovely time. The food was yummy, the company was great, and I got tons of knitting done on Lara.
I have a goal now with Lara. I want to finish her and wear her in Seattle. My trip is planned for the end of this month so I think its possible. Lara's growing in size and getting a little bulky, she might have to stay at home from now on.

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Christine said...

The quality of the pictures can be blamed entirely on the fact that I started drinking at least a half hour before you arrived.

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