I just love the Tartan colors so I thought I'd show a closeup.
One sock is done and close to the heel on the second.
Lara is so nice. Nice color, nice shape, oh Lara, Lara I hope you fit. Will show progress photo soon when it looks different from last progress photo.

Knitting has been slowed, not sure why but I am picking up the pace again. Its been such a strange week and again I'm not sure why, felt like my emotions and stress level were a bit out of my control.
The spring getting rid of stuff phase is still going, started on a bunch of things thus my apartment is a bit out of control and it driving me bonkers. Got rid of tons of cloths, more than planned but kind of wanted to start over.
The shredding, oh the shredding. It will start again tonight, gave in and bought another shredder and promised it a good diet of paper and no staples or paperclips. I have also purchased bins and more bins with the idea of being extremly organized in my closet and yarn supply. I can see the vision lets just see if I can carry it off. I took a before photo of my closet but am too ashamed to show it, maybe when its all lovely and organized I'll show you.

I recieved many, many wonderful goodies from my secret pal. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love every bit of it. Sorry only one photo today but I promise oodles of them tomorrow. Below is the first thing I saw when I opened the box, how fun is that.

I'm also really super excited because today I found the coolest gift for the person I'm spoiling, oooh I can't wait to send it off, soon I will, a few more items to gather together.

I found this soap at Whole Foods recently and its soooo nice. It smells divine, sometimes I can smell it when I walk in the door, have know idea why because its a mild scent but its so nice, highly recommend.

Other things that happened this week;
-Experienced a Starbucks drivethru.
-Had a great night out drinking, voka tonic with lime, and knitting, Tartan socks, with fellow knitters. Lovely time but must eat less fried food next time.
-Bought a ticket to Seattle. Oh my gosh, did I really do this? Yeppie!
-Finished conserving at work, one of the most annoying, tedious, confusing, interesting, brittle, falling apart in your hand scrapbooks.
-Did not eat sugar at work this whole week but I think I made up for it today.
-Talked myself out of some retail therapy today but ate sugar instead and not sure what will happen tomorow.
Okay enough for now.


Jeanette said...

I agree that Tartan is absolutely lovely, it is actually bewitching. Congrats on buying the ticket to Seattle, this is VERY exciting!

Christine said...

Don't feel bad about your clutter. (I have thirty beer bottles next to my front door waiting to be recycled.)

Lissy said...

I'm a lilac soap afficianada, so it's good to know about that. Your gifts were lovely, and I'm so proud of you for wearing the shamrock garland on your head -- FOR A PICTURE yet! You're making all sorts of positive changes in your life! Good for you. You deserve all good things. (There's the sappy jewish mother in me coming out. Please ignore her.)

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