Okay so I barely just got here and haven't seen anything much but very excited all the same.
Traveling yesterday went fine though it was a very long day. I am thanking my dad for getting me in the habit of getting to the airport way too early because it save me yesterday. Had a flight to Chicago that was delayed (I would have missed my connection) but because I was so fricken early they were able to get me on an earlier flight. Lots of time sitting around in Chicago waiting for my connection flight but you know what that meant, yes lots of knitting time. Actually it was lunch, starbucks, people watching, and knitting.
The people watching was great, lots of fun.
So I've got a great start on the shrug and am close to finishing the vesper socks.
The hotel I'm staying at is so far very cool. Nice, modern and simple.

I did walk around a bit and can you believe my luck, or maybe bad luck, there is a very cool looking knit store a block away.
I am in trouble.
So as far as Lara goes, shes almost done. I brought her with me to Seattle and just have to sew in ends and spritz and steam it. Yeah I know I'm in a hotel with no spritzer, but I'll figure it out tonight.
Okay I need coffee some sort of bad for me pastry and start my day.
Bye for now.


Christine said...

Yay! You're alive!

Maybe you could hang Lara on a hanger on the far side of a shower, then lay it down for blocking?

(Dictarorial air)If you buy yarn, you must report back.

wenders said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely. I firmly believe in signs, and if you just happen to be near a yarn store, wheeelll, the forces that be are speaking to you. Do not resist the yarn store... :)

Can't wait to hear back about the trip. :)

Lissy said...

Despite my agor., I really like airports. I, too, show up mega-early for my flight. It just makes me feel safe. Plus, it leaves me more time to shop at the newsstand and knit and read. Your hotel room looks perfect for you. Mod and clean.

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