Time to start planning what knitting to take with me.
So far
-Vesper socks I have been working on ForEver. Think I could finish them during the trip and then wear them.
-New sock project. I think I'll use Disco and perhaps the Simply Lovely Lace Socks from the latest interweave issue. Not sure on the pattern choice.
Any thoughts or ideas?

-Aurora bulky and Streakers Shrug pattern is my next sweater project. Can't wait to make this sweater, must do swatch soon.

So have I finished Lara yet? No.
I'm I going to finish? Oh yeah. I'm sooo close I can taste it.
I leave in a couple of days for Seattle and I am obsessing over getting Lara done, forget laundry, cleaning apartment, and packing. MUST FINISH LARA.
I'm not worried. Yet.
Okay must go and knit now.
Night Night


jennifer said...

yummy sock yarn with just a dash of sparkle, mmmmm! and that chunky bolero will be perfection!

Christine said...

Sounds like good pattern/sock yarn combo to me. That or Retro Rib socks. But I just say that because I want to make a pair. Ithink it's #43 in the queue.

Jeanette said...

Are you coming tomorrow? If not, have a wonderful time in Seattle!

Gawain said...

I'll admit I have no advice on knitting, but good luck with Lara, and have a great time in Seattle.

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