Ahhh Seattle.
So overall yesterday was a good day, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Pretty much all day it went from "Wheee, I'm going to move here" to "What the F**** am I doing?"
So since the start I've had the idea that the Queen Anne area would most suit me but I've wanted to keep my options open. Yesterday I made it to Queen Anne and it pretty much confirmed that its the area I want to live in. I'm still going to explore a couple more neighborhoods on Monday. Today its lunch on Vashon island. Yippie.

Below is another picture of my very cool hotel room, and yes that is a copy of The Kama Sutra, every room gets a copy, and yes of course I picked it up and peeked. You will also see my white Aurora Bulky which I loooove. Have been working on the shrug but today is all about finishing Tartan socks (on the toe people) and starting with the disco socks.

Taadaaah. Lara, blurry Lara, funky ribbing issues Lara, but still really love the way she came out Lara.

Hopefully I can fix a bit of the issues going on with the ribbing when I get home and do a proper blocking.

Sooo yes I have bought some knittings things, and have been to two knit shops.
Below is what I got at So Much Yarn, which is too close to my hotel.

And here is the zebra like Opal sock yarn that I purchased at Hilltop yarns which will potentially be too close to where I end up living.

Well I have a ferry to find and catch.
Bye for Now.


Christine said...

That hotel pic is so clean looking. Is that a glass of water?

Lara looks great. I see you got the length you need.

bitterknitter said...

It seems like you are having a great time! The hotel looks/sounds great. I'm sure Lara will be perfect after a proper blocking.

Lissy said...

How can you say a knit shop is too close? Blasphemy! But I know what you mean. I'm that way with bookstores. It's neat that you already know where you want to live. I love the name of that neighborhood. Sounds like a victorian house. I already told Gary tonight that if you move there, I want to come visit you. ;)

wenders said...

I might join Lissy and come visit - I'm glad to hear that you've found areas that you like enough to live in already! Hope you found the ferry...! :)

Lissy said...

Wenders and Lissy roadtrip! Sounds good. Can I have the aisle seat?

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