Back In Boston
Seattle was amazing.
Life is exciting and a little scary at the same time.
So I love morning routines.
Coffee and well usually a pastry. I swear I've have been doing yogurt since I got back, I have jeans that are not fitting well at this moment and that has to change.
Uhhh where was I oh yeah morning routine. I had a lovely one in Seattle. Really good bakery/cafe across from hotel, see below, run back to hotel and get really good free coffee, go back to room and plan my day, maybe knit a little. How I wish I could start my day like this every morning. I would be in such a better state of mind, not so grumpy and such.

This blurry photo was a biscuit with strawberry preserves in the middle, don't even get me started on the scones.

Look Vesper Tartan socks are done. Finished them on one of my lovely mornings described above and then proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day.


Christine said...

Welcome back!
I want those socks. And that coffee. I am totally turning green, I better get off your blog before people at work start to stare at me, thinking I am watching porn or something.

Lissy said...

Don't get ME started on scones. I am in mourning for them. But I'm much better off being sane than hopped up on sugar.

The socks look wonderful, like you've been knitting socks for years, instead of being a recent convert/fanatic.

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