So Una has taken to crumpled pieces of paper. So much so that she does a kitten growl if Metro or I want to take it away and play with it ourselves. Hmmmm. Cute and a bit strange at the same time.

Streakers Shrug is well underway, but if anyone else out there is contemplating making this check Interweave for errors because there is one in this pattern. I knew better but still didn't check before starting, oh well I didn't have to backtrack too much. I love this white Aurora Bulky, from kpixie, its really nice to work with, its squishy, spongy, yummy.

So my Disco socks have morphed into sort of Jaywalker socks. Meaning using the pattern stitch and making it work for my usual basic sock pattern so, hopefully they will fit better.

I leave you with a picture from Seattle, it was so nice, walking back to the hotel after lunch on Vashon island, time to ponder my future and enjoy my surroundings.


wenders said...

The Seattle picture is amazing. It looks like something magicical.

And the kitty picture is a prizewinner. :)

bitterknitter said...

It is great that kitties love such affordable toys. I love how your sparkly socks are looking!

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