I am in sock yarn heaven right now. I have so many cool socks yarns in my stash its hard to decide what will come after my Disco socks, if I EVER finish them. Almost done with the first one, it seems to be a commuting project so progress is slow.
Below is my latest Vesper acquisition and to make it even better it was a gift from my SP7. I realize at this point I have not mentioned that my secret pal revealed herself as Threads , and she was the best secret pal ever!

The colorway is called Strange Little Mama. Its yummy.

Soon after I recieved Strange Little Mama I came across Good to be girl's finished pair, see her April 15th post. They are sooo cool.


Christine said...

Ah, I see... It's all comign to gether now... The yarn, the pattern... Breaking it to us slowly, are you? :P

bitterknitter said...

It will be fun to pick out the next pair of socks! You could close your eyes and just grab one if you can't decide. All you sock yarn is pretty so you can't go wrong!

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