This photo is to show someone that my method of washing my sweaters did not ruin Lara. Lara survived the washing machine.
I did get lazy and not pin her out, so I think that the ribbing problem will still be there. Where I cast on for the right side ribbing is too tight and pulls up. Oh well maybe it will be a little better. I did tug at it here or there when it was drying last night.
Actually had a different picture here but as I was writing this post I looked over to see Una there.
1. I had no idea she could make herself so long.
2. She goes really well with Lara. The grey and the green, yummy.

This is the first cuff of Streakers Shrug and I think I like. It went really fast so hopefully I'll finish the second tonight. Made it a bit shorter in length because this baby is measuring a bit bigger in size than first thought so I don't think the full length of cuff would work.


wenders said...

The cuff looks GREAT! And I am getting closer and closer to getting a cat... yours are so cute!

bitterknitter said...

Una looks so good on Lara! I love the combination of her grey and the sweaters green. She is getting so big and looks great.

Christine said...

Nice cuff! Una is HUGE. (Kinda resembles a gray squirrel, too, come to think of it.)

Lissy said...

Una is growing so fast! She looks very heathery against the pale green sweater. She would make a lovely accessory. You could wear her to knit night!

jennifer said...

how snuggly does kitty look! and i cannot wait to see the streakers shrug finished - i've been thinking about making it!

elisabetha said...

Lara is gorgeous and Una is adorable. I'm quite envious :)

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