All of a sudden it seems to be crazy.
My mind is all a whirl, sell furniture, decide how to move, buy plane tickets for me and the cats, clean, start packing, pack for my next trip to Seattle, find a place to live in Seattle, and just breath and knit.
Knitting calms me down, slows my brain.
Things seem to be okay though, when I stay calm it seems to go smoother.

Streakers Shrug is going to end up without lace cuffs. The sleeves are really long, oh well, I think I'm pleased with the outcome anyways. Still have a seam to sew and I think some sort of simple crochet finish on the sleeve to keep it from curling.

So is it cheating to have started on Starsky (above) when S Shrug is still somewhat unfinished?
I will do it but I just want to knit right now.
I can see that I'm kind of on this emotional fence right now. Going into this move I really wanted to change the way I dealt with it. In the past I just freaked out, completely unhappy and stressed.
In a few days I'm off to Seattle to find a place to live. Wheeee.


bitterknitter said...

It isn't cheating at all to start Starsky while the white shrug isn't quite finished. Have fun and good luck in Seattle!

Lissy said...

You've got a lot to cope with and obviously knitting helps, so I say cheat on shrug and have a fling with Starsky.

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