I promised myself that I would not post an over abundance of cute cat pictures.
I weakened today.
Think it because I'm feeeling a bit frazzled today.
You know when you can see yourself freaking out and you can know its not bad at all but you still freak out?
Totally freaked about moving to Seattle today. I have no doubts about doing it. I just got overwhelmed.
I'm calmed down now.

-Bought a plane ticket to Seattle again, this time to find an apartment.
-Stayed up way too late reading one of those books you find in the fiction area but soon after starting it you realize its a romance novel in disguise, yet you still get sucked in and finish it.
-Their showing my apartment tomorrow. Its a complete disaster.
-Posted something for sale on Craigs list.
-My yarn for Starsky arrived today.
-Motivation to finish Shrug, gettin there.
-Want to work in a coffeshop in Seattle, I know a bit of a cliche. Love coffee, want to know how to make all those drinks, need to earn money, will keep me social.

I don't know about you but I feel better now. Good music playing, posting cute cat pictures, and about to make tea.
I leave you with jellybeans.


Lissy said...

I'm digging what you're saying, Mara. My head is bobbing up and down in recognition. I seem to be having days like that myself. But as your conclusion shows, you're going to be fine. And as far as cat cuteness overload, post away. Who are you kidding? Do you think that anyone (besides me) who reads this blog isn't a total cat person? And even I like seeing pics of the cats! Una is maturing into a lovely young lady.

wenders said...

Hey, even I like the cat pictures! :)

And if you're going to do Seattle, why not do it right and learn about coffee?

And this may sound weird, but I'd be more worried if you didn't have little 'freak outs' about moving Coasts. It's a big change! :)

Christine said...

Did you know I was a barista?

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