I gave in to Starsky.
I really struggled to settle on what my next project would be. I got into one of those talking myself out of everything moods.

Here's a sample;
-Don't do Starsky, everyone else in the world is doing Starsky.
-Do another like Lara.
-I don't want to buy an entire pattern book for one pattern.
-I don't want to wait for a pattern book to come in the mail.
-I don't want to pick up a gazzillliooon stitches around the neck.
-Knitting a long narrow belt willl be tedious.

Whine whine whine.
Sunday and Monday I went back and forth amongst many patterns and whining.
I got so fed up with myself that I just ordered yarn for Starsky.
Now I'm happy as a clam and can't wait for the yarn to come in and start it.

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Jeanette said...

Yay new project! What yarn did you end up with?

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