So I got the apartment.
I am really excited about it and can't wait to set it up.
All the major things to set up are, well, set up.
The biggest tasks ahead are packing, throwing out, donating, and selling. Anyone want to buy a couch?
Knitting. You know I've had time and I like the projects I'm working on but I have not been doing that much of it. Hmmm.
Obsessed with planning the design of my new apartment. Lots of fun ideas involving Ikea.
Una got fixed today. Moved up the apointment a bit because she went into heat last week and I think it made us both miserable. Metro, my older fixed male cat, just looked completly confused.
Moving happens mid-June and I think posting is going to be very slim to none, but I plan on getting back into it once the move has happened. Might change it up a bit as well.

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Lissy said...

Congrats, Mara. Sniff, sob. I'll miss you.

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