We Made It!
Hee Hee. I am sitting in my new neighborhood caffe. I swear everybody knows each other in this cafe, its crazy its like a coffee version of Cheers, free internet, and really good coffee. I'm a happy camper.
So the move, packing, and flying went fairly well, you know it was stressful but it went along without any real problems. I'm exhausted and a little sore, funny bruises on my arms from moving and such.
A million thanks to The Bitter Knitter, this girl flew out with me and the cats, and helped me set up essentials on first day out in Seattle. Amazingly generous.
Swear I packed every essential chord for every essential gadget but noooo the one I can't find is my camera chord . This seems to be a common cord for bloggers to lose I think. So no new photos until I either 1-figure out how to send photos from phone to blogger. or 2-wait till all my things arrive (needle in haystack?).
So the photos here were taken in all my packing craze time.

The whole time I was packing I had lots of little crutches to make it easier. As much as I love coffee in the afternoon this is what I have been hooked on;

Green Tea Latte, you have to order it with half the melon or you will not taste the green tea. This is so, so yummy.

Okay so half the people in this cafe have laptops, maybe they don't pay for internet and just come here?

I have been obsessed with setting up my new place. Its going to be my peaceful haven, a place for everything. I discovered and purchased Terence Conran's Small Spaces and it has all sorts of cool ideas, and a friend gave me this Muji catalog and the pen set, I love Muji. Just looking through it gives me all sorts of ideas.

The cats dealt with everything very well considering how scary it was for them, and they seem to be settling in okay. They are currently exloring every nook and cranny of the new apartment.

So thats it for now, I have plenty of coffee in me now and I need to go line all my kitchen shelves.
Oh and sorry for all the mispelling, I don't have my spelling gadget and blogger won't let me use the spell check. Is it cord or chord? Sereiououously. Heve know klu how to spell.


Christine said...

Whee! Moved.
You'll have to post pics of the decorating.
Also, email me your snail mail address.
And I used to drink green tea lattes obsessively. However, I think mine were different from yours, less... green. Mine were loss leaf greeen tea steamed with the milk, then drained. Mmmm

wenders said...

Yay! I'm thrilled that you and the kitties made it safe and sound! And glad to hear you've already found a coffee place (although, would that be hard in Seattle?). We'll miss you tomorrow!

Jeanette said...

Congrats on starting to get settled! I am glad that the kitties fared well. Things won't be the same without you tomorrow night. I can't wait to see more of Seattle through your blog!

bitterknitter said...

Yay, you found coffeeshop internets! I can't wait to see how you do your new apartment, it is a great space and I'm sure that you will set it up perfectly!

Lissy said...

Yay, Mara, you posted! Emily filled us in on how things went, and I'm so glad the transition went well. She really gets double snaps for her participation.

We raised a knitting needle to you tonight and thought good thoughts for you. It occurred to me that you are still on my distribution list called "Knitter" and after debating whether to take you off the list, I decided that unless you request it, I'm going to leave you on the list since you might get a kick out of knowing what we're up to.

Take care and be very well, serene, and happy.

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