Let the unpacking and Ikea furniture building begin.
Lets see where oh where to begin.
Well my friends and furniture arrived on Sunday and Ikea shopping happened on the same day. I had my first "I never want to do that again" Ikea shopping experience. Don't go to Ikea tired, stressed, and near closing time, not a good combination. Overall I'm very pleased with what I got but I was very ready for a drink when we got out of there.
So below is the day after my things and Ikea moved in and I have been unpacking but somehow it seems to look very much the same. I swear I have been unpacking, well not today but I have a good excuse, family in town.

I gotta say for the most part I really enjoyed putting the furniture together, kinda amazed I put my sofabed together all by myself.

Yeap, not bad at all. I love the look of it, it works well, and it is actually comfy.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations on getting that sofabed together! Your apartment has so much light, it looks wonderful!

bitterknitter said...

Yay you have stuff! And a bed! I don't think I could handle Ikea if I were tired. Are the kitties settling in?

Christine said...

Yay! Apartment pictures! Great sofabed.

Lissy said...

Putting your own furniture together is a major accomplishment, so mazel tov on that one. I think the cure for not feeling like you're making progress unpacking is to have a piece of candy or a cookie after each box. Believe me, if you make your way through a Whitman's Sampler, that is irrefutable proof that you kicked ass with your unpacking!

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