Actual Knitting.
So Starsky is coming along. I'm on the left front and its the part where you have to keep track of pattern repeat, neck decreasing, and arm decreasing all at once. Below is proof that I have been knitting and this is currently my favorite place to do just that. Its perfect because I keep the projects and supplies in those drawers so everything is handy.

So whats this here, hmmm, green yarn, hmmm, new green yarn. Yes you should not be suprised I caved, my willpower held out for a week and then caved with a crash. Or was that a caffeine crash?
Anywho..... this lovely yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton and its yummy. The pattern that inspired my fall from yarn buying grace is ms.marigold.

Well you might be saying to yourself, or not, "surely she hasn't started on it yet" Bllaaah Haaa Haa. Of course I've started on it, and its coming along nice thank you very much. I will also add that this project and Starsky go very well together, the colors I mean.
Not much to say about this photo other than yes its Una under there and she likes hanging there from time to time.

Maybe I should do a series of photos of just Una's paws.


bitterknitter said...

I think ms. marigold will look great on you. I love the color that you chose! You have the perfect knitting spot set up, complete with coffee!

Jeanette said...

I like the idea of a series on Una's paws. She clearly is settled in comfortably.

Christine said...

It has eye holes for her!

Lissy said...

Another Una paw pic for my collection! Keep 'em coming! By the way, I used Rowan wool cotton for the periwinkle sweater I made for my nephew. I enjoyed working with it. It was good value/quality for the price.

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