So here's some more of my Ikea pieces. I looove my work/dining table, its perfect.

It was the last piece I put together and of course the one that had a defective piece, grrrrr, one of the legs would not adjust in height. Well I did exacltly as you see below, and yes I was smiling for the most part. Ikea sent a whole new leg and I only had to have my suitcase working as the fourth leg for four days.

The benches are perfect under the window and tons of storage in them. At some point cushions will be made.

So Ikea went back up half a notch, still never want to go back but maybe I'd order something over the phone.

There are still some storage issues, one of which is where oh where to put my shoes. I refuse to open the box till I have come up with a solution. Whatever it is it has to be up off the floor, door hanging won't work but there is a wall in my closet that could somehow be the solution.

Happy 4th!


bitterknitter said...

Benches under the window! What a great idea, I love it.

For the shoes...you can get a canvas thingy that hangs in the closet and holds like 10 pairs of shoes. Here is a link to show what I am poorly describing :) Bed Bath and Beyond sells them too.


schmitty said...

Dude. I LOVE the benches! I'm trying to think of where WE could put some.

Missin' you.

Lissy said...

I love how clean and fluid your place looks. I'm imagining your mood may match your home now.

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