So last week my aunt and uncle were in town for a baseball convention and we got to spend a day together. They are both really into glass so we went to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. I am so glad I went, it was really cool. My favorite part is the Hot Shop, which is where you can watch artists creating glass right in front of you. It was so addictive to watch, we had a hard time leaving and I think I'll try to go back when Chihuly is in town.
Below is a bit of Dale Chihuly, really cool stuff.

Have you guys seen this? On My Desk is a blog that shows artists desk/studios from everywhere. I love this type of thing, very inspiring.

So today I pulled out Starsky and did a repeat. Okay I don't have picture proof, but I SWEAR it happened. Knitting has occured here recently.
I've also been catching up on blogs latley and ,hmmm I am seeing some very rockin tanks and chamis. Oh dear, I was doing so well not starting any new things. Well come to think of it I wasn't doing anything as far as knitting goes, hmmmm, maybe I can rummage through my stash and find something I ALREADY HAVE that would work with a pattern. OH PLEASE WILLPOWER, PLEASE HOLD UP, PLEASE, I KNOW, I KNOW, THERE IS A YARN STORE FIVE MINUTES FROM WHERE I LIVE, PLEASE WILLPOWER, PLEASE BE STRONG.
I think its really good that tomorrow is a holiday and the knit shop will be closed.
Happy Fourth.
Night Night


bitterknitter said...

The glass is beautiful! It is so neat to watch glass be made, I am amazed at what they can do with a ball of gooey glass at the end of a really big straw!

Lissy said...

How cool are your relatives? Baseball and Dale? Great combo! Sounds really neat. I like that you're chomping at the bit to knit. I love your enthusiasm. I think I need to kick my energy up a notch.

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