Deception Pass.
So this last weekend I got taken to Deception Pass, wow, it is so cool. The height, bridges, colors, water, current, seaweed, sun, shadows, trees, beach, rocks, napping on a log on the beach, walking on trails in the forest, going from coolness in forest to sun and warmth on the beach. The day ended with an outdoor movie party in someones garden with Thai food, popcorn, and homemade ice cream.

Deception Pass


Wildmindgirl said...

You have a good eye. My favorite picture is the one of the board/s? with the bolt. I love that one! I've lived here for 30 years and I haven't heard of Deception Pass...or maybe it's one of those things I heard about and dismissed immediately. I went online to look it up-we've added it to our day trip list. Thanks! And thanks for sharing your pictures. I love to travel vicariously through others:-)

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

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