Last Sunday.
I'm a bit late in getting around to posting about it but last week I went on a knitting trip to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge island and had a really good day and ah well evening as well. Seriously the knitting day started at noon and I got home after ten. It was good yarn, knitting, lunch, knitting, jasmine ice cream, knitting, ferry ride, and more knitting.

Its so nice knitting on the ferry, outside with the sun, breeze and a great view of the city.

And then The Pink Door, its awesome. Gotta say we just drank so I cannot talk about the food but the atmosphere is really cool and interesting. Anyways Nichole, Kate and I drank , knit , and got very giggly, at least I did. It was really a good time.

The Missoni socks have been coming along nicely and quickly. I'm so excited about the colors, love working on it. I think after this pair I'll go back to the double pointed aluminum's, the Bryson needles aren't smooth enough, or maybe slippery enough for me.

I actually did not have to pull out any of my knitting the next day.


Paulette said...

I just want to tell you that I like to read your blog (it's one of my favorites) and to discover your world.
I'm French (don't be affraid) and I live in Paris...

Lissy said...

Lovely to see you making friends and having fun. Gary has asked me to tell you he uses the sketchbook you gave him quite frequently. :)

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