Coral and rocks I collected from Port Townsend.
I love the feel of the rocks, smooth. Sometimes I carry a small one in my pocket.

Below is a mega ball of yarn that was retail therapy. Its Brown Sheeps Burly Spun in Sable and its one of two hanks thats going to make a short sweater or maybe shrug. Thank you Boston knitters, your gift card was a lovely treat. Its going to be knit in one piece from sleeve to sleeve, like Lara, and loosely based on a pattern from Loop-d-Loop.

If you love old libraries like I do please go here and drool.
Knitting photos to come in the next day or two.


Paulette said...

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Lissy said...

I'm glad you got something yummy with your gifty from us. I knitted a sweater out of the same yarn in a periwinkle color when I first learned to knit and I loved the yarn. The sweater unfortunately does not flatter my shape. But I'm hanging on to it because I'm working out and getting smaller. Plus, it's a relic of my knitting education and in that sense is greatly significant. And . . . I'm a pack rat!

Regarding carrying a stone in your pocket, for me, this is an essential element in my keeping my sanity. But for me, I carry around acorns and chestnuts. Their smooth and prickly parts keep me from having a panic attack when I'm in that kind of situation, and I find having them in my hand quite soothing. May you find similar peace. ;)

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