Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
Last Sunday I went with a friend to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and it was so much fun.
First of all when we got there it was crowded yet there were two lovely oversized cushy chairs waiting for us. We could see and hear perfectly well and knit away the whole time. She was so much fun to listen to, laughed a lot, and she cheered me right up. After the reading we got in line for the signing and she is soo nice. She also had her olympic sweater, it is amazing to see, and she also showed everybody the inside of the sweater.
Here we are with our socks in progress.

A finished pair of socks. Amazing isn't it.
The yarn is Fortissima Colori, Schoeller and Stahl, I think its called the Missoni colorway, and this colorway is 3001.
They are a bit too big and the heels are atrocious but I absolutly love them and can't wait to wear them.

Simply could not make up my mind as to which photos to show so I didn't and so you have double's. Sort of.


Lissy said...

The sox look fabu, Mara. I LOVE them. I got the opportunity to see Stephanie in Cambridge a few months back, so I can envision the fun you had. Laughter is the best medicine (next to knitting). I hope you're doing okay.

Wildmindgirl said...

Great socks! I think stripes are hard; well, weaving in all the ends. I'm so lazy.
Where did you see Stephanie? I'm gone from Seattle for a month so I'm kicking saw her in Seattle right? Arg!!

Michelle said...

The socks look great!

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