So I can see the season changing a bit now.
The weather, the trees, more layers of clothing on people, the flowers at the shop are changing as well. Right now I'm at my favorite cafe, the chairs outside are empty and its packed inside. Sitting at a lovely large round wooden table with three other people I don't know.
So this is a flame sock, its Lorna's Laces Flame 146 to be exact. Its crazy, cool, a dream to knit with, and really soft to the touch.

Burly Spun in progress.

Sock Yarn. Okay so I've been holding out on you. I went sock yarn crazy again. The two examples below happened just before and during my trip to Port Townsend. I could not resist the colors. I keep them out on my table so I can see them and continue to drool over them.

This might be the first semi solid color sock yarn I've bought. I can't completly call it a solid color because its got so many lovely blue and green tones in it that I feel it would be a disgrace to write solid. Nope not solid. Yeap I'm rambling on.

So I'm supposed to be here at the cafe catching up on my emails . I seem to be avoiding it . Its not that I don't want to communicate its just that the list has gotten long.
Oh and I wanted to figure out what to do with my life. I think I need another cafe au lait for that.
Please excuse my strange mood.
The lady with the really, really stronge perfume is leaving maybe now I can get some things done.


wenders said...

I am jealous of your yarn, and love the red sock! :)

Lissy said...

I'm having yarn envy. And free-time at a cafe envy. Glad your spirits are rising and that you're turning towards ponderables of deep import, while at the same time appreciating the little things in life. That's the ticket. Balance.

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