Blues and Greens.
Really into these colors right now and it obviously influenced my picture taking and yarn buying last weekend. The picture below is strange I know but had to show you. I was sitting on the dock and looked down inbetween the wood planks and this is what I saw. It was amazing all the underwater creatures hanging out around the dock.

Just before leaving for Orcas I did a little internet search for yarn and came up with Warm Valley Orchard. It was right near the cottage we were staying at so I did not resist. Really nice place they do everything there: raise the sheep, sheer the sheep, spin, dye, and weave. They have a great studio/shop and the owner is super nice, she sat and chatted with us while spinning the whole time. Super excited about the yarn I bought, the softness, texture and colors are amazing. Definitly going to make a scarf with some of this yarn, either a stripey thing or try holding the two togerther and make a really bulky scarf. Not sure need to do some swatching, but not allowed till I at least finish the flame socks.

The other night I bought Apple's airport express and I am in heaven. My connection is much faster, I'm lying in bed writing this, I can print wireless, and I hooked up my speakers so I can play Itunes and not be tied to a cord.

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bitterknitter said...

beautiful pictures!

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