Couleurs a Paris
So I went to Kinokuniya on Saturday and found this little jem. Up until a little while ago I assumed it was a Jeu de Paumes book, but it seems that I am mistaken. Its from Editions de Paris, its a little confusing because on this website they list a few of the Jeu de Paumes books. At any rate its lovely, lovely, an abundence of eye candy.

Oh dear I do believe I'm going thru another craft book phase, I was doing so good. And you know its not so much the knitting ones as it is these Jeu de Paume,or Jeu de Paume like books. A little while back I was reading Tania's blog and she mentioned the London Kitchens, and I lusted. Now its worse, Jeu de Paumes is showing a new one, Stockholm's Apartments, and I'm really wanting to order that one.
Night Night


sophie said...

Hello Mara,
I was looking for the ibsn of the new Jeu de paume book, Stockholm's apartments, i'm a big fan of theirs books and Editions de Paris ones too. Many thanks for sharing some pages of Couleurs à Paris.
I can't resist any longer to have Stockholm's apartments, i've seen some pages on their website and it looks amazing. Funny, i'm gemini too. Your blog looks great, i will look at it more carefully. Have a nice day. Sophie ( french girl ).

tania said...

oh no- it is a disease! i must have them all!! that one looks amazing!

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