I Have Feet of Flames.
I was knitting on the bus the other day and got to talking about knitting with the lady sitting next to me. When I told her the yarn was called Flames she said "you'll have feet of flames", kind of looks like it anyways.
Anyways........ the yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Flames (146) colorway, and wow this yarn is super nice to knit with and very comfy on the feet.

I've been reading Eat, Pray, Love lately and its a beautiful story about the author's journey, not just a journey of travel, in the course of a year. Its very inspiring, highly recommend reading this book.

I have completly fallen in love with this knitting bag by Cath Kidston. Before discovering this bag I really had no great desire to purchase a knitting bag however at this moment there seems to be a great need for this one in my life. Sigh. This is not what life is all about, getting things, I see that but still, want, want, want.


Lissy said...

I've been a Cath Kidston fan since way before she was known in the states because my fetish is British decor/lifestyle mags (like yours is Japanese craft books). I just got her catalog last week and it's "I want, I want, I want" here in the Friedman household, too, bigtime!

Your socks look lovely. I just finally acquired a really awesome steam iron which I used to apply patches to the heels of the knitted socks I wore out (my beloved Vesper yarn and Artyarns socks are healed and heeled now). From now on I'm just going to put a patch on to preempt the inevitable hole I will wear in them.

desperateknitwife said...

mara mara, i am still alive i swear, i've just fallen into a rabbit hole :O

you finished your socks! they're great! does jim think they're fabulous and want to have them for himself??? lol

i'm thinking of going to the knit fashion show / or nw knitrs tonite, are you interested? it's around 6:30 / 7pm ring me and let me know.

talk to u <3 desperateknitwife

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