False Starts.
WAS super excited to start on new pair of socks and scarf and now.............well the socks are finally going, after about four false starts, and the scarf idea I put down, just wasn't working out. Maybe its the knitting gods hinting to me to finish some of my works in progress. When the socks are a little further along I will show pics.

So I have a new job! Yeah! The flower shop was just not for me, but I now have a thing for flowers, like having them in my home. The new job is in a very, very, cool bookstore. Really happy about it, small store that concentrates on design and architecture, and the people are super nice. My only worry is that I will spend large chunks of my paycheck on books from the store.


Lissy said...

I checked out the store's website. While I love their current inventory and drool over it, I think they could use your expertise to help them start carrying some of those awesome foreign design books you love so much. THAT would be worth the staff discount! Glad you landed somewhere good for you.

Theresa said...

Those knitting gods aren't always so subtle, are they?

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