Una's asleep, time to shower, should go to bed soon, maybe make some tea.
Watched Girl With the Pearl Earring, visually lovely, and The Triplets of Belleville, strangely wonderful.
Last night......Capital Hill, searching for parking, searching for The Six Arm's, and seeing the Black Angels at Neumos. The concert made all the searching worth while. Very cool band live.
Other things
-Bought crazy bright gerber daisy's.

-Worked on socks and Burly Spun sweater which might become a cardigan instead. The yarn for the socks is Fleece Artist and the pattern is Dublin Bay Socks from Mossy Cottage Knits

-Looking in a used timber place for wood to make a platform bed. Really excited about this, think we will use old bleacher seats, don't worry I will have experienced help with this project.
-Random picture of Una.


wenders said...

Una looks so BIG! And you're undertaking construction projects - sounds like fun!

Jeanette said...

Una is adorable! Don't you just love the fleece artist sock yarn? Good luck with you construction project.
Oh, also, congrats on the new job!

Lissy said...

Hi, Una! Your sense of adventure re the bed reminds me of the time I moved to the North End and tried to re-assemble my own platform bed by myself. I was really wishing my boyfriend had waited to break up with me until after that move! ;)

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