All I want to do is sit, knit, and watch movies.
The other night I watched Painted Lady, an old masterpiece theatre piece with Helen Mirren. Love it, had it on VHS but haven't watched it in ages, nice long movie, nice long knitting session.

I started Bejeweled and it makes me happy as a clam to work on it. The yarn is Rowan Yarns (RY) Classic Yarns Soft Lux and OH MY GAHHH you have to touch this stuff! It can't get any better, the yarn is sparkly soft and easy fun scarf to make.

The lovely softness in progress is Glampyre's latest pattern, Camellia. Glampyre's site is under contruction so I could not find the pattern link but its there and it a great pattern. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande and it is pure heaven to work with.

My goal today is to finish sewing in the ends of green shrug and block today or tomorrow, whichever ends up being laundry day.

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bitterknitter said...

Hiya! We miss you!

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