Undecided about this one, something about it is bugging me. I think I'll take a picture soon with it on and ask for opinions because I'm really not sure.

Seems that there are three options:
-Live with it for awhile, make myself wear it and see if I'm just being silly about the whole thing.
-Adjust it by pulling out a couple inches of the collar and then just absolutly adore it and wear it all the time.
-Or scratch the whole thing and think of it as new yarn for a new project.

I am going through such a fashion phase right now and I thought I would share some of the blogs that feed this addiction.
face hunter
The Sartorialist
making things
bits and bobbins

I found out the other day that Lotta Jansdotter is coming out with this book and can't wait to get a peek at it. Perhaps it will inspire me to start up with sewing.

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bitterknitter said...

I vote for the adjust it option. Such a cute Una kitty!

Now I'm going to have to resist clicking on fashion blogs until I have some more free time to actually look at them. They are sooo tempting though...maybe I can click one now and look at the rest later!

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