Crazy weekend, a really good one but crazy.

First off my lovely laptop started making some very disturbing sounds earlier this week, so I hightailed it over to the Apple store asap.
-The bad news; a fatal diagnosis for my hardrive.
+The good news;
+Computer still worked okay so I could back up my photos, music and such, which I should have done ages ago and should do on a regular basis.
+I for some reason managed to think it was a good idea to do the apple plan thing so replacing the hardrive was completly covered.
+They said the repair would take 3 to 5 days, they called me that night and said the repair was done.
-A little bad news;
- All things I backed up were lost but I backed it up so most things I still have.
- Lost all my bookmarks, whaaaah.
-Will take awhile to get things set up again, things to reinstall and such.

Saturday E and I lost our better judgement and decided we could deal with Ikea on a Saturday. I got simple brown rug for under my white table and I can now roll around in my favorite chair without worrying about the hardwood floors. By the time we got to the cashier I was practically running to get the h*** out of there. Ikea is great but it can suck the life out of you.

Saturday night was dinner, with some killer martini's ( you almost have to after Ikea) and then on to The Showbox to see The Roots. They were amazing live and they played my favorite song so it just could'nt get better.

Below is the Gum wall in Pike Place Market, kinda gross but I absolutly love it. The other pictures are in that same alleyway, I love all the layering of posters and such. I'll have to get down there during the day soon and get better pictures.

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bitterknitter said...

I will learn from your experience and back up my computer!

Ikea is great, but definitely draining. Love your photos!

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