Good weekend ahead.
A much calmer yet interesting weekend to come, I hope progress will be made on Bejeweled. I think it suits me better than last weekend, it was fun but too crazy and not enough time alone.

Finished Pardonable Lies last weekend and wish there was more of it to read. I think the fourth one is out but its in hardcover and I want to try to wait till its out in paperback.

This photograph reminds me of the book The Art of Knitting, I find all the colors and textures very inspiring.

So I don't think I mentioned that I've had knitting machines on my mind for awhile now.
Years, years ago I worked for a very small knitwear company working on a knitting machine, and I really enjoyed it. I had a key to the studio, could go whenever I liked, always working on my own, playing good music, and zip, zip, working away on the machine.

Latley I've had all these ideas floating around in my head of textures, colors, and comfortable things to wear.
Yesterday E ( I think thats what I'm going to call him on the blog) drove me up to Lynnewood to this women's house. Its so cool, she works out of her house selling machines, knitwear, yarn, and probaly other things. I went in thinking I would order a new machine from her and came out with this Brother machine instead.
I'm super , super, super excited about this.
I think it was meant to be, the night before I dreamt that I got a job working on a knitting machine, and then the next day I find this person and buy a machine.
Still really confused about what to do with my life but I think I just have to follow my gut, instincts, heart, or whatever and it will work out.
Seems like its between knitting and bookbinding, crazy huh. I think I need to somehow persue both and one will gravitate to the forefront. Maybe.
P.S. I will never give up hand knitting, I looooove hand knitting, machine knitting and hand knitting are like night and day, both good but very different.

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KnitMOReANd said...

I'm new to blogging and yours is the first knitting machine I've come across. I haven't gotten mine out recently as I also prefer to hand knit. I hope you feel better from your chicken pox.

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