So Confused.
I did decide to pull some of the collar out, its better but.....
One day I like it and then the next I want to frog it.

Please excuse the crappy photos.
My computer is still making some funny noises and I lost the software that came with my camera. So using iPhoto and its okay but annoying me all the same.
Sorry I'm so brief but I seem to be fighting off some sort of bug and I'm achy all over, I'm going to go watch a DVD now and not move an inch, night.


Anonymous said...

I think the shrug is pretty cute. I especially like the way the ribbing on the sleeves echoes the ribbing on the edge of the body of the main part. I don't know, I'd be tempted to wear it out at least once and then see how you feel about.... - Carolyn

Jeanette said...

Sorry that you are achy all over. I like the way the shrug looks. I would leave it, live with it, then see how you feel.

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