On Hold.
Thats how I feel like life has been like since I came down with the CHICKEN POX on Monday.
Yes the chicken pox, probaly one of the few my age that never managed to get them as a kid. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst, but now I'm feeling a gazillion times better. Still stuck inside for awhile till I'm healed up and not contagious anymore. Also seem to look like a dead creature that comes after people in bad horror films, yikes, not a pretty site right now.

Below are some photos of my experimenting with the knitting machine, so far its been fun and I'm anxious to know more about it. Actually have'nt touched it since this last Sunday, but tomorrow I plan on jumping back into it.

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Mandy said...

Chicken pox?!?!? I am soooo sorry!!!

I was lucky enough to get them in 1st grade, so it's a vague distant memory.

I am sending my best well wishes to you!!!

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