I think the two things that got me through this itchy week were:
-E (boyfriend)
-Movies (DVD's)
Especially E, he brought me food, medicine, dvd's, chocolate, and company.
I've watched so many dvd's this week I have lost count but I thought I'd share some of my fav's.

Thomas Crown Affair - watched both, loved both. Cool to see Boston in 1968.

Pillow Talk-Doris Day and Rock Hudson, gawd I love this movie, the look, the silly romantic storyline.

Marie Antoinette-excellent eye candy . When I'm free from my apartment I'm going to treat myself to a box full of small colorful pastries.

Secretary-strange, somewhat disturbing, and yet sweet love story.

Tonight I'm going to watch my old reliable Pride and Prejudice, Firth edition of course.

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