So I'm not sure what to write other than these things for now.

-My computer is home and working again.
-But it would seem that now quite suddenly I am not working. My ego needs to tell you, no I did not get fired.
-Probably for the best.
-Time to take some risks I had been too scared to do before.
-Trying not to stew on this and see it as an opportunity for something new and exciting.
-This will be an interesting time.

I lost all recent photos when my hard drive had to be replaced, again, so new photos to be taken and shown soon.


Anonymous said...

It will be an interesting time...and you are all about taking risks! Remember picking up and moving across the country within like 2 months of deciding to? I'll still think good/exciting risk taking thoughts for you!

Yay for a working computer!

Jeanette said...

I am glad that your computer is working. I have to agree with Emily, you definitely take risks. I think you are far braver than I am. Good luck with everything!

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