What I've been up to lately in a somewhat random order.

-Eating too many sweets. I know, I know, nothing new.

-Walking around a lot, like the International District, downtown library, and to the park (picture below) near my house.

-Getting moody with this whole trying to figure my life out stuff. One day I feel totally inspired and motivated and the next a little down and lost.

-Saw Lily Allen at the Showbox, food and drink before, and more drink after. Kind of ouching and useless the next day but oh well it was a fun evening.

-Finally followed through on the urge to get bangs, glad I did it, HATE them, but now I know to NEVER GET BANGS EVER AGAIN. They do not suit me.

-Writing and drawing in journal.

-Discovered Wreck This Journal, which is a project started by Keri Smith whose blog, Wish Jar I have been reading for awhile.

-E helped me hang up the Marimekko fabric that I bought quite awhile ago. Its in my kitchen and I am very pleased with how it looks. It adds much needed color, and goes quite well with the Hello Kitty nightlight. In thinking about it E actually made the frame and hung it up while I was taking a shower so he did most of the work and I helped a bit.

-I went to new knitting group ( I mean new for me) in Capital Hill, really enjoyed it and plan on going back.

-Finished sewing together the first sweater done on the knitting machine. Man, what a f*********** pain in the a*******.

-Today I blocked the cardigan on my new blocking board (the one I ordered for myself when I was stuck inside sick and feeling sorry for myself), and the sleeves are a complete mess. Okay the whole thing is a mess, thus the detail shot of t-pins and not of cardigan.
I did the blocking in my closet behind closed doors so that Una could be kept away, she didn't like it. She was pretty much like the picture below the whole time I was in the closet. She's such a cutey, tough but cute.
Today she actually slept and purred in my lap for THREE WHOLE MINUTES, she will be a lap cat yet.


Jeanette said...

The fabric is beautiful. Sweets sound good. The park is lovely. Good luck figuring out life!

Square the Circle said...

3 minutes with Una in your lap is about 2 minutes more than I ever get from my kitties. I'm still convinced that Snickers will be a lap cat though.

The Wreck This Journal site is quite interesting, thanks for sharing that!

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