Today I:

-Made bad coffee.

-Started liking this red yarn.

It was a mistake in an order I received and the yarn company let me keep it. Absolutely no idea what I will do with it but it could be good for experimenting on the machine.

-Saw a small white dog with pink sunglasses on, we were totally checking each other out. I want some pink sunglasses now.

-Got my last paycheck in the mail, done, finished, ties cut.

-Ordered Appartements d'amoureux a Paris, I have no will power, retail therapy.

-Ate chicken soup and pasted things in my journal.

-started reading "The Collected Stories Of Colette".

-got into a knitting machine groove for the first time.

-learned how to do a shaped neck on the machine.

-made an appointment for a knitting machine lesson, yippeeee.

-read about a rock star who claims to have snorted his fathers ashes.

-accidently closed the window to this post, lost post, and have rewritten it, ugh.

Night Night

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Square the Circle said...

I have a cone of red linen that looks an awful lot like your cone! Cute Una. Sounds like you are enjoying your knitting machine. You should so get some pink sunglasses :)

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