My days have been full and quiet at the same time, it seems ideal right now. Since the next step has not been very clear I'm trying to just follow my interests and see where they go. Everybody in my life has been super supportive and full of ideas.

The back of Anna is done and one of the fronts is well under way. I'm still liking it and anxious to finish it, but it has been neglected because my hands were bugging me a bit.

In the machine knitting realm I've decided to pull out the first piece I made, it was just not right. Kind of expected it might go that way so not really upset about it, and learned a lot. I've already knit up the pieces for a second cardigan and in the process of putting it together.

I've started to experiment with the red cotton yarn and have lots of ideas, I have this yarn in grey and can invision a light vest thing to go over a t-shirt or tank. Below is a tuck stitch pattern and I really like the looks of it, maybe use it on the lower half of the vest.

This weekend is the SEATTLE KNITTING & FIBER ARTS EXPO and I am super excited about it. I think I'm taking about five classes altogether, all to do with designing and machine knitting, yippee.

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elan said...

Love the first picture, for a moment I thought it was a swatch of a new novelty yarn, that I would love colours of but hate to knit with, someone needs to dye some sock yarn using your picture as inspiration.

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