Oh my where has the time gone.
Last weekend I went to the SEATTLE KNITTING & FIBER ARTS EXPO, learned tons, and felt really inspired. The expo was at one of the hotels near the airport so on Saturday and Sunday I'd get up early and take the bus out. It was kind of fun, felt like I was going somewhere new and different only I didn't have to actually get on a plane.
I took classes with Mary Anne Oger and Sandee Cherry, both excellent teachers and have really good books and cd's that will help me learn at home, yeah. The classes I took were on necklines, shrugs, wraps, and the magic formula. Tons of helpful tricks and techniques.

On Wednesday E drove me up to somewhere for a private machine knitting lesson. Two hours packed full of information and I bought some more books and tools. The garter bars, in long red box, will be one of those tools I can't live without. Didn't even know about this tool and a few others till I saw them being used at the expo.

Could not resist throwing in these photos from the new sculpture park. Walked down there on Thursday and it was an amazing day.

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