Oh my, I have been absent.
My apologies.
Like the last post, knitting happening but no pictures as of yet, slow to finish but working on a number of things.
Had to backtrack a bit with Anna but going along nicely again.
Below is a blurry sample of a hem I did on the machine. I like the process but need to play around with it to get a look I like.
This was the start of a cardigan being done on the machine but my gauge seemed to be way, way off so it will get scraped. I was following a pattern and it was a really good learning process. Anyways the hem technique will be good to use till I get a ribber which will hopefully happen over the summer.

I've seen a bunch of concerts lately, my favs so far are;
-Circus Contraption and Yard Dogs Road Show , this was at the Showbox and completely awesome. Never seen anything like it, caberet, circus, music, a little naughtiness. Loved every minute of it.
-lcd soundsystem, they rocked in a electronic way.
-Peter Bjorn and John, saw these guys last night, really good but my ears were hurting by the end of the night.

Have been reading quite a bit as well, seem to be into fiction where the characters are searching for something, on a quest. Basically books kind of like The DaVinci Code.
So far I've read;
-The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
-The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
-The Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
Gotta stop reading this kind of book for awhile because I become completely addicted to the read and nothing else gets done.

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Hi Mara,

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